"The first movement Jungle Jaunt had driving energy and lots of varied percussion. Kudos to Dominique Bernath for her superb and acrobatic timpani playing."
  • Kelowna Capital News - February 20, 2017

"The cantata (Orff's 'Carmina Burana') began and ended with the iconic O Fortuna (one of the most referenced pieces in popular culture) containing text that is today as fresh and meaningful as it was in the 12th century. Special kudos go to Dominique Bernath for her energetic performance on timpani."
  • Penticton Western News - May 12, 2016
"The concert opened with Beethoven’s Leonore Overture No. 3 op 72b. and featured excellent work in the OSO woodwind and brass sections with some especially tight playing on the timpani by Dominique Bernath."
  • Summerland Review, February 17, 2016

"Dominique Bernath's rendition of Ney Rosauro's 'Concerto for Timpani and Strings' ... brought the audience to its feet ... her ebullient personality and percussive flair never failed to delight and this unique exploration of the lyrical potential of the timpani was no exception."
  • Vernon Morning Star - January 26, 2010
"Allan Bell's 'Spirit Trail' ... Dominique Bernath's handling of the complex tympani part was spectacular."
  • Kelowna Daily Courier - February 27, 2009
"The playful atmosphere was helped by Dominique Bernath who showed off PGSO's latest instrument acquisition, a xylophone, by playing 'Bach Meets Bugs.' Later on, I noticed Bernath was kept busy in the percussion section, jumping from timpani to orchestra bells. She shone brightly too on recorder with hauntingly beautiful music from 'Titanic.'"
  • Prince George Free Press - April 16, 2008
"Oskar Morawetz ... 'Overture to a Fairy Tale' is much more than an overture - an engaging piece of program music that challenged all sections in the orchestra, particularly the inimitable Dominique Brunchmann. Simard gave her special acknowledgement and her colleagues joined in the applause."
  • Vernon Morning Star - May 23, 2007
"While the chorus surely marks this piece (Orff's 'Carmina Burana'), there was incredible musicianship and showmanship from the orchestra ranks. Dominique Brunchmann was a whirling master on the timpani - those massive copper kettledrums. As an audience member, it was a joy to see her play - stretching from drum to drum, smiling at the nuances of the beat."
  • Prince George Citizen - May 7, 2007
"Glen Buhr's African-inspired 'Jyotir' spun like an onstage whirlwind; at its musical centre was percussionist Dominique Brunchmann, doing spectacular riffs on an extended drum kit."
  • Vernon Morning Star - November 23, 2005
"The maestro's musicality was equal to Glen Buhr's syncopated and challenging 'Jyotir' (Brilliance), but the attention of many was perhaps riveted on timpanist Dominique Brunchmann. 'Jyotir' is a tour de force for a whole kit and caboodle of percussion instruments, and Brunchmann played them brilliantly. With such fascinating drum work, it would be easy to miss the equal brilliance of Pietraroia's baton."
  • Kelowna Daily Courier - November 23, 2005
"The big screens, as much as I personally dislike them and usually find them distracting, really came in handy during the wildly exciting piece called 'Jyotir' composed by Buhr. Without them, I don't think anyone could have seen just how fast Dominique Brunchmann was flying across the drums and various percussion instruments in this fast paced and fun piece. How lucky the symphony is to have Dominique! She really is great and it was nice to see some of her talents showcased."
  • Kelowna Capital News - November 23, 2005